Trainings for students and teachers

Learning Democracy at Utøya offers trainings and workshops for students and their teachers .

The main component is our Norwegian project, targeting students from 9th and 10th grade at Norwegian Lower Secondary schools. Student groups accompanied by a teacher participate in a three-day learning program at Utøya.  At the end of the program, students have increased knowledge, confidence and commitment to act as multipliers with their peers – passing on knowledge about the terror attacks 22 July 2011 and promoting a democratic culture in schools and local communities. Together with Utøya, the EWC also offers democracy workshops for youth active in Norwegian civil society.

Every year, we also organise international trainings. Read more about it below:

In 2017, EWC and Council of Europe organised a training course at Utøya adressing how to develop and communicate counter- and alternative narratives to hate speech. The project was supported by EEA and Norway Grants.

Our partners

Funded by

  • The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research funds the Norwegian program for formal education
  • Sparebankstiftelsen DNB funds the Norwegian program for non-formal education
  • The Norwegian Embassies in the Visegrad countries (EEA and Norway Grants) fund the Visegrad workshop
  • EEA and Norway Grants funds Fighting Antisemitsm, Xenophobia and Racism Now!

Other projects