Thorvald Stoltenberg Seminar

A yearly international seminar in memory of Thorvald Stoltenberg for youth leaders from across Europe.

Former Norwegian Minister of Defence, Minister of Foreign Affairs and diplomat Thorvald Stoltenberg was a pioneer for Norwegian peace diplomacy and put great value in dialogue, often exemplified by his “kitchen meetings”, where he would invite state leaders and foreign ministers to his home to enjoy a cup of coffee, relax and have a talk at his kitchen table.  

Thorvald Stoltenberg passed away in July 2018. In his memory, and to honour his strong belief that knowledge and tolerance could overcome xenophobia and hate, the Thorvald Stoltenberg seminar at Utøya is an annual international meeting place for young people engaged in democracy and human rights. Utøya has a long history of youth participation and international solidarity. It also holds a strong place in the Stoltenberg family.  

The first Thorvald Stoltenberg seminar was organised at Utøya 12.- 17. june, 2019. Youth leaders from 28 countries took part at a five day training on intercultural dialogue.

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