STEP UP – Student Teachers’ Practice for Democratic Culture

The project Student Teachers Practice for Democratic Culture – STEP UP-DC attempts to connect Competences for Democratic Culture (CDC) and teacher training, especially Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This project is completed.



Cyprus, Denmark, Greece Norway and UK



It is essentially an innovative intervention in Practice Training Program (PTP) of student teachers and educators (pre-school, primary and secondary education), which covers the existing need of introducing the training on CDC, disseminating at the same time the CDC training model in the education of the countries of Europe. It includes the development and implementation of a Training Program (TP) and its Certification on teaching CDC during the PTP of the student teachers and educators.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • promote the democratic culture in school education by enhancing skills, knowledge and understanding of student teachers and educators
  • provide a clear and practical module of a Teachers Training Program on the implementation of CDC which could lead to certification connecting CDC and teacher training, especially Initial Teacher Training (ITT) in Higher Education Institutes and Organisations.

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