Educating for Democracy and Human Rights

Education is one of our main tools to strengthen and safeguard our democracies. The European Wergeland Centre supports teachers, children and parents at this extremely difficult time for Ukraine and Europe. We do not stand by, we stand with Ukraine, democracy and human rights.

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Building a culture of democracy

How we work

We focus on five action areas to achieve our aim of building and sustaining a culture of democracy and human rights in education.

How we work

What is education for democratic citizenship and human rights? Why is it important for our societies? How can each of us contribute to make peaceful coexistence based on human rights a reality? Watch the short video to find out! The video is produced by the European Wergeland Centre (Oslo), a privileged partner of the Council of Europe. The production of the video was funded through a grant of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

About us

EWC is a resource centre on education for intercultural understanding, human rights and democratic citizenship. Our headquarters are in Oslo, Norway. We have field staff in Ukraine, Greece and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

About us


EWC activities and services are free and open to all 46 member states of the Council of Europe. In 2021, we had projects in 22 countries.

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Online Learning

EWC recently launched a new online learning platform.  We also provide free and easy access to up-to-date teaching and learning resources.

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