Partnerships is a central part of the EWC philosophy. It is in cooperation with strong reliable partners that our effort to promote education for democracy and human rights grow and flourish.

The UN Agenda 2030 has one goal dedicated to partnerships: SDG 17. It recognizes that successful sustainable initiatives always require strong partnerships between different actors. These inclusive partnerships build upon principles and values, a shared vision and common goals. 

Our project partners:

Without our project partners we would not be able to work in 22 countries across Europe. They know the local situation, the needs and the opportunities to address them. Together we plan and implement projects that change education.  

We also have longstanding partners beyond current projects. These may be organizations with a similar set of goals and objectives as ours, or partners we have implemented projects with in the past or might do so with in the future. What these partnerships have in common is mutual trust, regular contact and sharing of expertise, and that we are in it for the long term.

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