Fighting antisemitism, xenophobia and racism now!

Both Poland and Norway face problems of hate speech targeting a variety of groups. This 3-year educational project aims to raise awareness and knowledge about hate speech, as well as strengthen skills and attitudes to prevent it. 


Seminars every year in Norway and Poland

Targeting students and teachers from upper secondary schools


Participants each school year

EWC and POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews are partners in this project aiming to empower learners to be active citizens and help prepare young people for life in today’s diverse society. Teachers and students from both countries will share their experiences and strengthen their resolve to fight xenophobia and promote attitudes of respect and inclusion.

“Fighting antisemitism, xenophobia and racism now!” will be organized as an in-school program for the duration of a school year, starting with a 4-day workshop at Utøya, Norway. Participants will follow up with local activities before coming together again for a workshop in Warsaw, Poland towards the end of the school year.

Based on previous experiences and cooperation between EWC and POLIN, the project is designed to use historical examples and linking them with current events and challenges in both countries. The Project is funded by EEA and Norway grants.

The first project cycle has already started, and will last until the end of April 2022. We are looking forward to welcoming schools for the second cycle, which will start in September 2022! More information and application deadline will come early in January. Please sign up for EWC’s newsletter to receive updates.

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Chief Financial Officer - Deputy to the Director

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