DEMRED – Strengthening Democratic Resilience through Education is a joint education program with the Council of Europe bringing together education professionals from countries which have recent experiences with terrorist attacks.

Trainings for Educators in Western and Northern Europe

Policy Recommendations from Practice

Several European countries have experienced terrorist attacks in recent years. These have used a variety of methods and caused different degrees of damage, both psychological and material. The attackers have claimed allegiance to a variety of ideologies, most commonly Islamist and right-wing ideologies.

Schools and teachers are in the forefront dealing with such issues every day, meeting students and parents from different backgrounds, situated in local communities while politics and controversial issues on the national and international level affect the everyday practice in school.

2021 marks 10 years since the terror attacks in Oslo and at Utøya 22 July 2011. There are important lessons to learn both from Norway and other countries’ experiences with both the educational responses to terrorist attacks and the role of education in preventing extremism, ensuring the development of the necessary democratic knowledge, skills, attitudes and values1 to live together in culturally diverse societies.

Project timeline:

  • 2021 Preparation
  • 2022 Pilot
  • 2023 International education program

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