No hate against Sámi people

No hate against Sámi people (Sammen mot samehets) is a Norwegian project that gathers youth leaders and local decision-makers to strengthen competence in, and commitment to, preventing hate speech and discrimination against the Sámi people.

Meeting place for youth leaders from Nordland, Troms and Finnmark youth councils

Cooperation with local decision makers on local meeting places and initiatives

The Sámi people are an indigenous group in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia (area called Sápmi). The Sámi have their own languages, culture and ways of living. They have experienced a history of assimilation in all countries. Discrimination, racism and hate speech remain a challenge. 3 out of 4 young Sámi persons in Norway have been discriminated against at least once, and 33% of the population in Northern Norway has observed hate speech against the Sámi.

In this project, we aim to prevent hate speech against the Sámi people by creating meeting places for dialogue and exchange of experiences between youth leaders and local decision-makers: uniting against hate speech.

The project lasts for one year (2023) and is funded by The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs.

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