Youth for the City, City for Youth

This project aims to strengthen young people’s resilience to handle crisis and reinforce their ability and confidence to participate in public life.

Strengthen young people’s participation in local democracy


Youth involved

Annual youth exchanges between Poland, Norway and Ukraine

Youth for the City, City for Youth engages young people in local decision-making and local decision-makers in young people’s ideas and needs. EWC’s partner in the project is the City of Lublin. Lublin is the European Youth Capital 2023.

Conducted by: the City of Lublin, Poland, The European Wergeland Centre and Sempre a Frente Foundation

How: till 2024, a number of activities will be implemented that respond to problems and ideas reported during meetings, talks and consultations with Lublin youth, youth organizations and their international partners

Result: increasing the civic involvement of young people (10-30 years old) from Poland and Ukraine in local communities

Financed by: a grant of € 850,000 from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the EEA and Norway Grants.

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