School of Inclusion

The project aims to develop and disseminate a comprehensive educational program for ensuring gender equality and equal treatment within the formal education system in primary school (primary school, grades 4-8) and secondary school, addressed to teaching staff and students from all over Poland, embedded in the perspective of human rights and the UN Sustainable Development Goals concept.

The project combines activities in the field of anti-discrimination and global education, drawing on the proven practices of the CCE and extending them to the human rights context in the perspective of global inequalities and interdependencies.

Gender is still a relatively transparent category in the formal education system. The project will answer this issue not only through direct educational activities. addressed to teachers (blended-learning course, workshops), school management (materials for teaching staff) and youth (mentoring, tools supporting campaigns in schools), but also by developing tools (including the gender equality standard) and working methods to raise awareness of the importance of gender equality and how to take care of it in the school space and the formal education system (recommendations for teachers).

Lead partner: Center for Citizenship Education Center for Citizenship Education | Szkolenia dla nauczycieli, doskonalenie zawodowe, projekty edukacyjne |

Target group: teachers, pedagogues, school psychologists, school directors and students of primary school (grades 4-8) and secondary school

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