Action Area III


EWC-led working groups to develop practice-oriented resources

5 blended online courses and 14 educational videos developed


High quality materials
and learning resources

Easy access to good learning and teaching resources improves the quality of education.

They support teachers’ capacity to address issues of democracy, human rights and citizenship in classrooms and schools. Even though two thirds of EU countries provide such resources, teachers and trainers still need up-to-date materials that provides them with new and innovative methods, that are relevant to their specific context and that helps them to deal with real life events in the classroom.

EWC aims to develop practice-oriented resources and make them accessible for a wide range of education professionals. We have set up, and run working groups developing new resources involving teachers, teacher trainers and other experts. New modules and materials are piloted and monitored in schools. EWC translates and adapts existing materials into local languages to make them more accessible. In addition, we disseminate materials via our online library, our newsletter and through online and face-to-face trainings.

Impact stories

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