Learning for Democracy Online

Ongoing education reform in Ukraine has opened for broader school and teacher autonomy and a competence-based approach to teaching and learning.
Efficient online training for teachers and school heads prepares them to implement changes in schools throughout the country.


New digital tools


Teachers at blended courses


Online courses

There is a strong need for both online learning and digital teaching and learning resources in Ukraine. EWC develops new online courses for teachers and school heads, compiles resources and tools for educators working on development of democratic competences, facilitates the translation and adaptation to Ukrainian of existing CoE resources and disseminates resources throughout Ukraine through online platforms.

Digital learning resources on democratic citizenship

Developing teaching and learning tools (Toolbox for teachers in different subjects with tasks in education for democratic citizenship and human rights, Tool for Democratic School Development)

Accessible and free for all 460 000 teachers in Ukraine, including in occupied areas

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) and blended learning courses on development of democratic competences with an aim of retraining and professional development of teachers in partnership with Inland University of Applied Studies (Lillehammer, Norway) and Prometheus.

The project aims to produce and provide access to digital teaching and learning materials and online courses fostering democratic competences at school according to requirements of the new national curriculum. The materials are made for school students, teachers, school heads, parents and teacher trainers.

The project develops new digital materials as well as translation and adaptation of existing Council of Europe resources in education for democratic citizenship and human rights. It also includes the development of massive open online courses (MOOCs); trainings for strengthening capacity of teacher trainers and developers of online learning resources.

At the end of the project, three MOOCs and digital resources in education for democratic citizenship and human rights will have been developed. The project will also have built national expertise in development of online learning resources fostering democratic competences strengthened. 460 000 teachers in 17 000 schools will have access to the new online resources in education for democratic citizenship and human rights.

Our Partners

Organized by the European Wergeland Centre in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and implementing partner ISAR Ednannia (Kyiv).

Funded by

  • Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project team

Andriy Donets

Programme Coordinator Ukraine

Khrystyna Chushak

Head Programme Coordinator Ukraine

Iryna Sabor

Head of Early Childhood and School Section