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Whole School Approach

This presentation is based on experiences from the over 700 schools in Europe that EWC has supported over the past 10 years. The presentation explains what the whole school approach is and how it can be applied at school. The presentation is voiced.

Culture of Democracy Through the Visual Art Preschool Education

In each of the 12 created sessions one of the key concepts of EDC/HRE is accompanied with visual art content – visual art language and visual art techniques. The module also introduces Reference Framework on Competences for Democratic Culture (RFCDC) to enable students – future teachers to identify and evaluate democratic level shown in the […]

Toolbox for teachers

Developed through the Schools for Democracy program, this online toolbox contains more than 600 teaching and learning activities for development of school students’ democratic competences. It can be used for lessons at 25 different subjects. There is a search function by subject, student age, type of activity and learning objective (focusing on the 20 competencies […]


Authors: Ted Huddleston and David Kerr. It builds on the training pack for teachers – Living with controversy: teaching controversial issues through education for democratic citizenship and human rights – to offer practical support to school leaders and senior managers on how to proactively manage and react to controversial issues in and beyond the school.

Democratic Governance of Schools

Authors: Elisabeth Bäckman and Bernard Trafford What is democratic governance and how can it benefit schools in preparing young people to become participating, democratic adult citizens? How can schools and other educational institutions evaluate how they contribute to their students’ education for democratic citizenship (EDC)? By looking at the ways in which their schools operate […]

Becoming a Human Rights Friendly School: A guide for schools around the world

Authors: Amnesty International Illustrated throughout with case studies from the Human Rights Friendly Schools Network, the guide provides information and tools to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate a school’s journey to becoming human rights friendly. It offers practical suggestions for schools around the world to make human rights a viable part of their curricula, teaching […]

School-Community-University partnerships for a Sustainable Democracy

Authors: Matt Hartley, Ted HuddlestonSchool-Community-University partnerships for a Sustainable Democracy: Education for Democratic Citizenship in Europe and the United States of America This guide examines how schools and universities can work together with their local communities to promote democracy in society based on the principles of Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC), a concept developed by […]

Schools for Democracy Civic Responsibility Manual for Teachers

The new curriculum includes four key transversal topics: Civic Responsibility, Health and Safety, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy, Environment and Sustainable Development. Civic Responsibility is a transversal topic introducing democratic competences across various subjects. Manual for teachers with recommendations on how to develop democratic competences in 5-9 grades in Ukraine 80 exercises adapted from Council of […]