A virtual school of citizenship 

In Lithuania we work to develop a virtual school of citizenship.

The project aims to:

  • Provide an open-access interactive website with teaching and learning resource aimed at teachers and school students. 
  • Raise awareness among teachers about ways of enhancing the development of citizenship competences of learners.  
  • Facilitate the exchange of best practices on regional and local levels, both among partner institutions and education professionals, primarily in Latvia, Lithuania, and Norway. 

EWC has a consultancy role in the project, with the aim of promoting it and ensuring that the resources and workshops are developed and implemented according to CoE principles, values, and approaches. 

Funded by: NORD PLUS Horizontal programme 

EWC Role: Project partner 

Partners: The Centre for Civil Education, Office of the President of Lithuania, National Agency for Education – Coordinator, Riga’s Lithuanian primary and secondary school  

CoE teaching and learning resources: RFCDC, Compass, Living Democracy