New quality criteria for Ukrainian schools

“The most positive thing about the new quality criteria for schools is that it outlines a comprehensive system for quality assurance, instead of measuring results only. This helps identify positive developments as well as shortcomings to work on”.

Representatives of the schools which helped EWC pilot the new national quality criteria in Ukraine.

“In addition, the new criteria encourage participation of all school stakeholders, and this increases their motivation to contribute, to grow and to become better”, Oksana Kleputs, head of Koziv school and Lyceum at the Lviv Ivan Franko University. 

The new national quality criteria will be used both for internal quality control at schools, and as guidelines for external audits of schools by local branches of the State Service of Education Quality in Ukraine.  

“EWC contributed to a shift in approach – school audit instead of inspection, with the aim to help schools improve, not to check and “punish”, Khrystyna Chushak, EWC project coordinator in Ukraine explained. EWC was part of the working group on the new criteria and supported several workshops on its development.