Greek Delegation of Experts Explores Oslo’s Anti-Bullying Initiatives

This month, we had the honor of hosting a distinguished delegation of experts from Greece, who embarked on a study visit focused on anti-bullying practices in education. The delegation’s visit (16-19 October 2023) proved to be a fruitful exchange of ideas, experiences, and strategies in the fight against bullying.

From left to right: Eva Mellou, Mariza Varthalami, Iryna Sabor, Marianthi Antoniou, Mali Kristine Lunde, Angelos Vallianatos, Fay Koutzoukou, Ana Perona-Fjeldstad

The delegation was comprised of experts in education, migration & asylum, child rights, and anti-bullying initiatives. A team of seven people arrived in Oslo with a keen interest in exploring the various approaches and programs employed by organizations dedicated to creating safe and inclusive educational environments here in Norway.

The visit was part of the project on Classrooms Against Bullying, run by the European Wergeland Centre and SolidarityNow as a broader effort to learn from Norway and the Council of Europe while adapting the best practices to the Greek context. Our guests had a unique opportunity to meet with a multitude of organizations and experts working towards the common goal of eradicating bullying from educational settings.

Representatives from schools, NGOs and governmental bodies engaged in numerous discussions, sharing insights, challenges, and success stories. The delegation visited UDIR, Oslο΄s Municipality School Department, Lofsrud School (Secondary Education), the 22 July Centre, Save the Children Norway, Voksne for Barn (“Adults for kids”), as well as the Anti-bullying ombudsman Henrik Raustøl. The collaborative spirit was tangible as the Greek delegation delved into the nuances of anti-bullying measures, gaining inspiration from Oslo’s multifaceted approaches after defining the concept of «bullying» itself.

The delegation left Norway with valuable insights, innovative strategies, and a strengthened commitment to promoting a safe and nurturing learning environment for students in Greece.

As we bid farewell to our esteemed guests, we anticipate continued collaboration and the possibility of reciprocal visits to further strengthen the ties between our organizations. The exchange of knowledge and experiences is a powerful catalyst for positive change, and we are excited about the potential impact of this collaboration on the global fight against bullying. We extend our deepest gratitude to all members of the delegation.

Together, we pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for all students. Our next steps include the experts’ meeting in Athens on 27-29 November 2023.

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