“Troads” at the 9th International Youth Drama Festival

The theatre group of the 2nd Experimental Gymnasium of Kilkis, with the participation of students from the 2nd and 3rd Gymnasium of Kilkis and the 1st Lyceum of Kilkis, presented the tragedy “Trojan Women” and gave five thrilling performances for students, parents and citizens of the city of Kilkis.

With the initiatives of the two Gymnasiums and the assistance of the OMNES association, which supports refugees living in the city of Kilkis, the first official performance was attended by fifteen refugees, students of the Gymnasium and Lyceum.

In the tragedy “Troades” Euripides highlights the consequences of war. When the Greeks conquered Troy, they killed all the men, destroyed the city and took the women as slaves. In the play, the women of Troy mourn and denounce the war as they are faced with slavery, uprooting from their homeland, refugee. The savagery of war, of all war, is brought to life by the image of miserable innocent victims as the mighty victors triumph and the mighty gods give up.