The 4 Academies in Thessaloniki and Athens

Two Academies in Athens and two in Thessaloniki took place in January 2022, training the representative groups from the participating schools for the current school year. Cooperation, ideas and plans to be implemented!

The two Academies in Thessaloniki were completed with the participation of 11 schools.

During the two two days, 20-21 January and 22-23 January 2023, the two Academies of “Schools For All” were successfully held with the participation of old, in our network, and new schools that make up the hubs of A’ and B’ Thessaloniki.

Each school was represented by a group of members from the student and local community (a member of the school management, teachers, a parent, a representative of an organisation working with refugee children attending the school and students identified by the student community). The participants had the opportunity to attend presentations, participate in experiential activities and work in teams, creating draft activities which they presented in plenary. The active participation and willingness of all school representatives fills us with optimism for the implementation of the draft activities and the creation of sustainable partnerships for a more inclusive school environment.

The two two-day Academies in the hubs of Athens A’ and C’ with the participation of 8 and 6 schools respectively were completed, 27-28 January and 29 & 31 January. Old and new schools in the network had the opportunity, among other things, to participate in interactive games of getting to know each other, to learn about human rights in an experiential way and to carry out teamwork exercises on the theme of the Roger Hart climate of cooperativeness. They also explored the possibilities for collaboration within each group and between them and other schools to propose and present proposals for activity projects.

“I feel happy to have met good people and made new friends. I didn’t know I had the confidence in myself to speak in front of others” shared F., a student of the 1st Vocational Lyceum of Agioi Anargyroi at the end of the Academy.

We are looking forward to the seeing their plans realized in the following months.