Strengthening youth participation

In Søndre Nordstrand, a district in Oslo frequently associated with poverty and unemployment, the schools and youth clubs are cooperating to strengthen young people’s self-confidence and belief in own ability to create change.

Many residents want to disprove the negative stereotypes associated with the area. One of them is the Salto coordinator in the local municipality, initiating a project to strengthen young people’s participation. As a part of the larger initiative, young people from a local Lower Secondary School and Youth Club participated in a democracy workshop at Utøya. The aim was to build confidence in their abilities and opportunities to participate in the democracy. Now, they plan for local youth lead initiatives, engaging their peers.

“We want to show the great kids we have in our community, and we want that they,  themsleves, realize what changes they are contributing to”, says Mitra Khazai from Hauketo lower secondary school participating in the project.