Spreading the word within the local communities

Numerous of schools that recently joined the Schools For All network have shared the good news at the local press of their area.

The 11th Gymnasium of Nikaia published an short releaseat the official page of secondary education of Peiraias. See here.

The joint activity of the Lyceum of Servia, at Kozani, with the shelter for unaccompanied minors was published at the webpage Kozanilife. See here.

The participation of the 2nd Gymnasium of Trikala in the Schools For All project was published at the local press and online here.

The 5th Lyceum of Veroia shared the completion of the 3-day Academy at their website and at the local news website Pliroforiodotis.

We welcome the schools joining our network and looking forward to a productive school year and a fruitful collaboration.