Second Academy for Schools for all – Just the beginning!

50 trainers, teachers and school directors shared the results of their work since 2019 at the second Academy for Schools for All in Greece online November 8.

The participants enthusiastically took this opportunity to discuss in detail their experience of carrying out “Schools for all” projects, exchange advice and evaluate their course of action so far, working dynamically in plenary and in subgroups.

Throughout the sessions, all highlighted the importance of meaningful, sustainable synergies in and out of the school, as well as solutions and practical ways to tackle the effects of the pandemic on the project.

What is more, trainers, teachers, schools directors, and parents had impressive successful stories to share: multicultural celebrations, the collaboration of all students in art and sports projects, museum visits, refugee student participation in the student body, refugee student participation in Model UN, data collection from refugee students regarding their own needs and aligning to these results, cultivation of democratic school ethos and much more!

Participants at the training of trainers

The second academy followed a training of trainers in October where 15 trainers were able to meet face to face training for two days, before spending the last day online where trainers from last year met the new ones, sharing experiences and lessons learned.

New trainer Dimitra Kolasi was happy and motivated after the days of training.

New Schools for All trainer Dimitra Kolasi

“My hopes are based on teachers´vision for change. We are experiencing uncertain times, but if there is another lockdown teachers will be better prepared and ready to act”, she said when asked about ensuring the inclusion of refugee students in potential new situations of isolation.

The Schools for All project is funded by the EEA Grants and fund operated by ΣΟΛ Crowe & HumanRights360.