Schools For All at Refugee Week Greece 2023

The Schools For All project participated in the Refugee Week Greece as part of the EEA Grants community, on 22 June 2023. The workshop “Reflections: from the personal to the collective” took place at the taf / the art foundation. The workshop was targeted to professionals in the field of refugees.

Idea: Anastasia Karagianni, Nadia Kati, Despina Mitsiali & Dimitra Skempi.
Implementation: Anastasia Karagianni & Nadia Kati, regional trainers of the project “Schools For All:
Inclusion of Refugee Children in Greek Schools”


The workshop seeks to create a brief but essential framework for connecting and promoting the inclusion of Greek children in Greek schools.
The workshop aims to create a link and connection but also to share between people who are active in the same field and who often experience the same experiences.
similar experiences and challenges. Through the use of experiential and theatrical
techniques, we will playfully get to know each other, explore the feeling of trust – which
we can both create and experience as members of a group – and then we will
share and observe small reflections of our experiences as professionals.
Participation is open to all individuals, regardless of previous experience in experiential/
theatre workshops.

This is a good opportunity to play and share, in experiential ways, some
experiences as professionals but also to observe if and how these create
“reflections” in the collective experience.

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