Report: Education in the service of ideology and political gain

The EWC report “Education in the service of ideology and political gain” examines reforms in the field of school and higher education in the Russian Federation in the past two decades.

It analyses how the political and social system influences the education domain and examines the values inherent to each sphere. The report has examined tools and mechanisms employed by the existing political regime to influence the education system in Russia and their use for the promotion of the state’s ideology, socialising the younger generation into norms and values of society, and instilling loyalty to the existing political system among them.

The report is based on publicly available sources, including studies and publications in the sphere of education, and expert assessments, and contains an analysis of curriculum and textbooks used in schools of the Russian Federation.

The report is a result of a joint work of EWC and the expert community. The editorial team would like to thank everyone who took part in processing and analysing the data, writing and editing the text, and also working on the layout of the report.

The report is availabale in English and Russian.