Online Academy Training Module: on Inclusion of Students with Refugee Background in Education

A guide for developing a comprehensive online training program or shorter workshops, based on the experience of the “Schools for All” Project in Greece.

The European Wergeland Centre – along with our partners – is happy to present the digital publication of the “Online Academy Training Module: On Incusion of Students with Refugee Background in Education.”

The training module is designed for policy makers, educators, trainers, NGO’s, social and cultural institutional staff, teachers of all specialties, as well as volunteer workers, administrative staff etc.

It draws upon the insights and the practical experience of the implementation of the “Schools for All” program. The training opportunities that the program offered to all the programs and schools’ stakeholders in Greece were called “Academies” – a term inspired from the Ancient Greek way of teaching, where learning happened through the creation of an environment where everyone was equally participating, bringing their own knowledge and experience.

As the “Schools for All” project, the Online Academy training module seeks to promote the creation of an equitable educational landscape, where students with refugee experiences can enjoy their rights to dignity, equality and equity education.

It is drafted in order to help educators develop learning activities tailored to the needs of their target audiences and educational contexts.