Launch of “What is Digital Citizenship Education”

Recording of the launch of the Council of Europe and EWC online course “What is Digital Citizenship Education” (May 2022).

“What is Digital Citizenship Education? ” is the first in a series of online courses developed in strategic partnership of EWC and the Council of Europe. Enroll in the course at…

1. Opening talks by Ana Perona-Fjeldstad (European Wergeland Centre) and Villano Qiriazi (Council of Europe)

2. Presentation of the course by its team of authors: Ted Huddlestone, Andriy Donets, Oksana Pasichnyk, Olena Styslavska, Angelos Valianatos

3. Discussion with teachers who participated in the piloting of the course: Oksana Pasichnyk, Ukraine; Marika Sikharulidze, Georgia; Vitor Tomé, Portugal. Chaired by Michael Remmert (Council of Europe)

4. Closing remarks by Iryna Sabor (European Wergeland Centre)

Moderator: Ahmet Murat Kilic (Council of Europe)