Kompetencat e EDNJ/EQD dhe mësuesit e së ardhmes

The publication “”Educating for Democracy & Human Rights” is a result of the EWC project Preparing Future Teachers in the Western Balkans: Educating for Democracy & Human Rights 2019 – 2022.

Funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the project provides support for higher education institutions and universities in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Mac­edonia and Serbia, that are interested in modernizing their teacher education courses, with an aim to improve the quality of teacher education for future teachers in the region.

The main aim of this semester module is to develop the skills for democratic citizenship in students who will be future teachers.

Through this module students will:

– get acquainted with the basic principles of HRE / EDC, and understand the importance of having human rights education and democratic citizenship education;

– understand the importance of good pedagogy in the learning process and be equipped with knowledge, skills, attitudes and value, for building learning competencies in the field of HRE / EDC, as a necessity for a democratic society.

– get acquainted with the role of educational institutions in installing a democratic culture for students, giving them contemporary models to live in democracy;

–  be able to address conflicting issues and help to understand the importance of peaceful management and resolution of conflicts in order to lay the foundations of democratic culture in the community where live.

– understand the pillars of democracy and will be challenged to embrace and develop their values ​​of civic education, increase knowledge of human rights, responsibilities, participation, conflicts and rules in a democracy;

– develop their knowledge of equality, the role of minorities and majorities in society, knowledge of teaching, learning and evaluation in a society that respects rights of man and aspires to democratic culture;

– to enable students to know and apply the rules and laws, to help them in taking on responsibilities, to be worthy citizens in a democratic society;

– help students understand participation in democracy through the media, the importance of newspapers and media in the democratic civic formation of the people, by preparing them as active citizens of tomorrow.