Creating safe and inclusive spaces for discussing controversial issues online. Experiences and tools from the Thorvald Stoltenberg Seminar 2020

Through this publication, we share good practices and tools from the Thorvald Stoltenberg Seminar 2020. The aim is to support young people in promoting diversity and intercultural understanding through online trainings.

How do we create meaningful and inclusive meeting places when we cannot meet? What are useful tools and methods for discussing controversial issues online? Is it possible to find a common ground when we barely meet each other physically? These were some of the questions the participants at the Thorvald Stoltenberg Seminar 2020 explored together, and that form the basis for this publication.

The Thorvald Stoltenberg Seminar is an annual seminar for young people engaged in democracy and human rights, honouring the legacy of Thorvald Stoltenberg who was a pioneer in peace diplomacy and a champion for dialogue. Under the covid-19 pandemic, facilitation of dialogue is as important as ever. In this publication, readers find good practices for creating safe and inclusive trainings and activities for facilitation of discussions about controversial issues online.

The seminar and the publication were made possible with funding from the Norwegian National Commision for UNESCO.