Regional Conference in Tbilisi

The regional cooperation component of the Schools for Democracy programme aims to share experiences on how to develop competences for democratic culture (CDC) in schools, between educators from Ukraine and other countries in the region.

EWC Executive Director Ana Perona-Fjeldstad meets school participants at the regional conference in Georgia October 2019

The conference, which was held on October 17-18 in cooperation with the National institute for Teacher Development in Tbilisi, started with a training for 50 Teachers from Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, on how to implement CDC at schools. The following day teacher trainers and teachers participated at the school fare and practical sessions with discussions of current projects, evaluation of results and planning for future initiatives. EWC Executive Director Ana Perona-Fjelstad led the panel and discussions where she was joined by the head of the National Institute for Teacher Professional development in Georgia, Berika Shukakidze, EWC programme coordinator and EPAN member Khrystyna Chushak, EPAN member from Moldova Corinna Lungu and international expert in EDC/HRE Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard.

The regional cooperation project will be finalized in June 2020 at the international conference in Kyiv, where Moldovan and Georgian participants will be invited to present results of their school projects.