Reaching 1.200 teachers in Serbia

A semester course developed in the EWC project Preparing Future Teachers in the Western Balkans forms the basis for a new training programme which will reach 1.200 teachers in all the 17 school districts in Serbia.

The European Wergeland Centre’s partner the University of Nis, Faculty of Philosophy, is implementing a new advanced training program for teachers in primary schools in the Republic of Serbia.

The training program ‘Democratic engagement in society through communication skills’ aims to develop and improve primary school teachers and associate’s professional capacities for efficient communication in the teaching process. It will develop and encourage democratic engagement of students in society.

The program will be implemented in all 17 school districts in Serbia, involving 1.200 teachers and associates in primary education in Republic of Serbia and is approved by The Ministry if Education, Science and Technological Development.

This training program was developed on the basis of the one semester course that was prepared by University of Nis professors Dragana Jovanovic and Marija Jovanovic, successfully implemented at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nis last year. This semester course was developed within the EWC project ‘Preparing Future Teachers in the Western Balkans’ and is now adapted to an in-service education model and professional development of teachers.

The Western Balkans network between universities and school developed by the project is very vibrant.

“We are proud to see new cooperation between the Faculty of Philosophy in Nis and the Teacher Education Faculty in Belgrade as well as teacher mentors trained through the EWC program, joining forces in the new training program in Serbia. Teacher mentors from Nis, who were actively sharing their knowledge and skills with the teacher education students in 2020, will now be sharing lessons learned from the EWC training for teacher mentors, with their colleagues across the Republic of Serbia”, Bojana Dujkovic, EWC Regional Project Coordinator said.