Prevention of peer violence

Peer violence is a challenge for the school, family, local and wider community. “A systemic approach to peer violence in educational institutions” created bonds for a common goal and materialised the vision of a safe school. 

What Development of a broader and more effective detection, treatment and prevention of peer violence in Educational Institutions by an active partnership within the Local Community. 

For Teachers, parents and children from selected Slovenian Schools

How The project develops and tests amodel of prevention and treatment of peer violence by training education professionals, parents, and pupils.

Result Design of a manual, guidelines, and proposals for a systemic approach towards peer violence and establishment of cross-sector local partners network, designed to reduce peer violence in educational institutions.

Organized by The European Wergeland Centre, Simon Jenko Primary School, Kranj Juvenile Residential Treatment Institution, Centre for Social Work Kranj, Daily Youth and Family Centre Ć krlovec Association for non-violent communication, Municipality of Kranj and the Institute of Criminology  at the Faculty of Law, Ljubljana.

Working languages Slovene, English.

Financed by EEA and Norway Grants