Establishing the Centre for Roma and Sinti in Prague

EWC is part of a pre-defined project within the EEA Grants to establish the Centre for Roma and Sinti in Prague.

The establishing of the new Centre, supported by EEA and Norway grants, is an important part of the Czeck national strategy for Roma integration, specifically focusing on Roma emancipation and the commemoration of victims of Roma Holocaust.  The Project is led by the Museum of Romani Culture in Brno.

The new multi-purpose centre will be a place for cultural encounters, educational activities and documentation, aiming at raising tolerance and mutual understanding. It will address low public awareness about Roma culture and history and be an open space for events and meetings. The target group and end beneficiaries are the the Czech majority population as well as Roma. 

EWC’s role is to support the Centre in developing its educational concept, and to provide capacity building for the Centre’s trainers.

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  • EEA and Norway Grants