EEA Grants closing ceremony

A moving and meaningful closing event for celebration and reflection.

On Thursday 28 September, the closing event of the EEA Grants projects in Greece: “Local Development and Poverty Reduction” and “Asylum and Migration” took place. The event included speeches, presentations by international guests and representatives of stakeholders from abroad. Representatives of the projects and their beneficiaries participated in two interesting round table discussions, where key issues relevant to the majority of the funded projects were addressed.

Schools For All participated in the exhibition held with an art installation as well as with the digital platform it has created of the “31 Basic Activities” handbook. The national coordinator of the project, Ms. Dora Katsamori and former school director of the network, Mr. Andreas Hadjiminas, participated in the panel on education, entitled “Integration of unaccompanied minors in local communities. The example of formal education”.