Participation in ENACTED event

Schools For All national coordinator, Dora Katsamori, participated in the event on 29-30 November organized by ENACTED: European Network of Active Civil Society for Education and Diversity.

The event focused on the following themes:
 -Innovative practices/tools for inclusion   

-Presentation of the project and the platform   

-Discussion on the challenges, gaps and potential/strengths of the practices   

-Discussion and exchange of ideas and suggestions on how they can be scaled up and disseminated    and disseminate further at local or local level the inclusion practices   

-Exploring ways of better cooperation between different actors for the inclusion of    to explore ways of working with different actors to integrate newly arrived refugees/immigrant pupils into the educational process.

Dora Katsamori presented the project “Schools for All – Integration of Refugee Children in Greek Schools” as part of the good practices session and the Handbook “31 Basic Activities” as a useful tool for inclusion.