Mobilization of youth through democracy workshops

Students teach their classmates, teachers and local politicians after learning more about democratic participation.

Democracy is about more than two political parties fighting for a seat in parliament. It is also about how we stand together as a country.

Finn, Vikhammer secondary school in Norway. One of 324 pupils who took part in our 3-day trainings at Utøya in 2022

Both Finn and his classmate Anine say that the experience at Utøya was unique. They made new friends and got more engaged in how democratic decisions are made.

I think it is important to learn about our society because we – the youth growing up now – are going to takeover eventually. It is important that we understand what is going on around us and how things are decided. I think more about this now and I dare to voice my own opinion.

Anine, Vikhammer secondary school

Teachers also benefit from the trainings

During the workshop, Anine and Finn were accompanied by two of their teachers, Tonje and Kate. Tonje underlines that the young people now truly believe that they can make a change and that their voice matters.

Tonje and Kate, teachers from Vikhammer secondary school, find it easier to talk about July 22 with their students

Teachers coming to Utøya are trained in new learning approaches and methods they can use in the classroom. Kate underlines that the experience is also significant on a personal level for her as a teacher. “It is easier for us to talk about these issues with the students now,” she says.

Our students got fired up. They carried out learning activities not only with their classmates, but also with the teachers and local politicians. They have truly shared what they have learned.

Tonje, Vikhammer secondary school