31 Basic Activities

The handbook “31 Basic Activities” is a resource for all who work in the field of inclusion. It addresses the challenges of receiving students with refugee background in schools, and is developed for educators and professionals in the field.


The handbook contains proposals and actions that have been put into practice during the trainings and in the schools of the project “Schools For All – Inclusion of refugee children in Greek schools”. The ‘‘31 Basic Activities’’ include workshops, i.e. a set of combined activities as well as shorter activities on a topic. The material is structured in the following format, to meet the needs of the school, depending on the stage of its relationship with the new students.
The material is structured according to the categories “Before”, “During” and “After”, which meets the needs of the school, depending on its relationship with young students with refugee experiences. Each activity card includes the title, duration, description, learning objectives and expected outcomes, steps of the activity, required materials and resources, and how to evaluate the activity.The activities are presented below in abbreviated form for ease of use of the platform. For the full text of each activity as well as the theoretical background you can save each activity file or the entire handbook which is freely available in Greek and English.

In detail, the categorisation of the activities is as follows:

Key Areas
Target Groups
Time of implementation

The “31 Basic Activities” handbook is available for download in English and Greek.