EWC 15th Anniversary Seminars

The European Wergeland Centre turns 15 this November. To celebrate, we will share insights from our work and lessons learned through a series of thematic seminars running from November 2023 through March 2024.

Kicking it all off on November 23, we invite you to two informative seminars at Sentralen in Oslo.


Education as a Bulwark of Democracy

The Russian Federation’s war of aggression against Ukraine has shown the vital role education plays in the civil preparedness of our democracies. At wartime, schools have started to function as local humanitarian hubs — for example, by offering support to internal refugees. At the same time, great efforts are made to continue offering all students the education they need to build a future for their country.

EWC has supported democratic educational reforms in Ukraine in close partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine since 2013. More information about this seminar can be found here.

The seminar will be in English and streamed on Facebook.


Democracy in the Classroom

Democracies hinge on participation. Young people must trust both themselves and the possibility of creating change within democratic systems. How do we build this trust in them at a time when democratic values are under attack across Europe?

This seminar goes to the core of the EWC mission, exploring how educational institutions can enable children and the youth to build political efficacy by experiencing inclusion and democracy in practice.

The seminar will be in Norwegian and streamed on Facebook. More information is available in Norwegian here.

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