European Parliament Ambassador Schools on etwinning – The 1st Lyceum of Kilkis shows Solidarity with Ukraine schools

“The kilometres that separate us from Ukraine are not enough to prevent us from feeling for our peers who face great difficulties. Their fear and anxiety are our fears and anxieties as well, as we can feel more than adults what these children are experiencing.” said the students of the 1st grade of the 1st High School of Kilkis, painting on their classroom blackboard the sign of peace with words of different European languages, conveying messages of peace, friendship, hope, learning, under the guidance of the teacher and Senior Ambassador, Maria Konstantatou.

In addition, two ambassadors – students of class A3, Aris Stanimeropoulos and Stefania Sofianidou, created a poster depicting the friendship and support of Greek students to the students of Ukraine, in the landscape of war and bombing.

Τhe action was realized as part of the European Parliament Ambassador Schools Programme (EPAS) and is published in Greek on the school’s website.