Democracy and inspiration

Workshops in collaboration with the Panhellenic Network for Theatre in Education and PROOTA.12 at the 2nd Gymnasium of Samos.

On 13 and 14 March 2022, a series of workshops were held by Mr. George Moschos, former Children’s Advocate and highly experienced trainer of the Panhellenic Network for Theatre in Education, and founding member of the PROOTA.12 group, at the 2nd Gymnasium of Samos.

On Sunday 13 March, Mr Moschos held a workshop addressed to the teachers. They worked on the topic of empowering school communities to realize the right of children to freely express their opinions and participate in decisions in their classrooms and schools. On Monday, a meeting was held with the school’s mediation team on conflict resolution issues with representatives of all classes. Also, 2 experiential workshops were implemented with the participation of 50 students where children had the opportunity to see how they can organize their assemblies and find solutions together, bridging their differences.

The message of the animators is clear and optimistic: “Our experience has shown that when we trust children and show them by example ways in which they can express their opinions, listen, debate and make decisions together, we see that children can work wonders. For this reason, the children’s assembly guide could be subtitled ‘How we can work together to make small miracles in our classroom and school’.” George Moschos – Aspasia Kalisora.

The 2nd Gymnasium of Samos is part of the network of the Schools For All, mentored by the regaional trainer Ms. Melina Papageorgiou.

The 2-day activity was featured broadly by the local media.