Creation of their news bulletin, by the students of the 1st Lyceum of Kilkis

In the framework of the project, the students of B1 of the 1st Lyceum of Kilkis, under the guidance of the teachers, A. Rizakis and Chr. Arampatzi, worked in groups and produced their own news bulletin, identifying the issues that concern them and their peers. At the same time, through discussion and cooperation, they got to know each other better, listened to the concerns of their peers, strengthened their relationships and contributed to the understanding of these concerns by students with language difficulties, due to their different backgrounds, by translating their texts into English, Albanian and Persian.

Some of the issues highlighted in the news bulleting were: The desire for social status as a source of anxiety, Techonologial progress and today’s society, The impact of COVID-19, Racism as a major issue in the Greek society.

The original post on the school’s website is available in Greek.