A Greek Journey towards an Inclusive School

By transforming itself into a school that embraces inclusion and diversity, the 6th Experimental Intercultural Primary School of Eleftherio-Kordelio sets a remarkable example.

The school’s journey began in October 2023 when it joined the EWC Schools for All project in Greece. With a significant number of students having refugee and migration experiences, the school committed itself to creating a democratic and inclusive environment for all learners. The project’s training workshop served as a catalyst, empowering teachers with the skills and insights needed to design an action plan that aligned with the school’s educational requirements. With the support of an EWC regional trainer, they aimed to foster a culture of inclusion in every aspect of
school life.

Recognizing the importance of linguistic accessibility, the school addressed the issue headon. Teachers, students, and parents joined forces, collaboratively translating signs, regulations, and materials into various languages.

Starting with collecting information about classmates’ countries of origin and spoken mother tongues, students took on the task of translating essential elements like numbers, alphabets, phrases, and guidelines. This exercise not only celebrated the richness of linguistic diversity but also encouraged reflection on the similarities and differences among cultures.

The translation initiative acted as a bridge connecting parents and the school community.
Parents actively engaged in information gathering and supported their children during translation
activities. The discussions sparked in the classroom extended to the homes, creating a foundation for meaningful school-parent cooperation.

Teachers, with the backing of regional trainers, developed a curriculum that broadened students’
perspectives and nurtured cultural appreciation. Dialogue readings of relevant books exposed
students to the lives of children worldwide, fostering empathy and understanding.

The school’s positive attitude and openness to different languages had a profound impact on
students with refugee backgrounds. Children themselves spoke about the positive feelings
they had, when they saw or heard their mother tongues in school. By valuing linguistic diversity,
the school empowered these students and created an environment where their voices mattered.

The 6th Experimental Intercultural Primary School of Eleftherio – Kordelio is the school we dream of. A school with open doors for all students

Xanthi Albanaki, Schools for All regional trainer

“Schools for All – Integration of Refugee Children in Greek Schools” is funded by the
EEA and Norway Grants

EWC role: Project promoter
Partners: The Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, the National Institute for Educational Policy, Leeds Beckett University (UK)