A board game for inter-school communication by the 2nd Gymnasium of Trikala

In the framework of the action plan of the 2nd Gymnasium of Trikala, an excellent activity was implemented in order to enhance cooperation with the 3rd and the 9th Gymnasium, as all three have host classes. After consultation about the curriculum in the reception classes of all three schools, a board game was designed and set up as a teamwork activity based on this curriculum. Students from all three schools prepared and met on Wednesday, March 23, to play the game and get to know each other!

The activity was very successful with the participation of 15 students who responded with enthusiasm and joy. The activity was attended by the teachers of greek literacy of the reception classes of the three schools, the school councelor of the Trikala Urban Area, as well as the social worker and the intercultural mediator from the Community Centre of the Municipality of Trikala.

This first action is an important trigger for cooperation between institutions in the region and its schools.

The 2nd Gymnasium of Trikala is a member of the “Schools for All” network and is implementing its action plan under the guidance of the trainer Eleni Papantoniou.