46 primary schools join efforts for inclusive refugee education in Greece

132 school heads, teachers and local community representatives participated at the School for All Academies this fall.

A total of two-day Academies were held, with the participation of 46 primary schools from the regions of Attica, Piraeus, Athens and Thessaloniki.

Through learning activities, group work, discussion and presentations, the participants had the opportunity not only to learn about the objectives of the Schools For All project, but also to deepen their understanding on the issues and challenges they face with refugee students. 

Specifically, during this two-days training, they were introduced to the educational tools and methods of the Schools for All handbook “31 basic activities”. With the support of the project’s trainers, the participants went through the handbook and practiced one of the suggested activities, aiming to implement it in their school community as well. 

Working in groups and in collaboration with our trainers the participants designed a first draft of the action plans they will implement during this school year, including activities that promote inclusion and equal participation of all student.

22 regional trainers of the Schools For All project will consistently support the schools throughout the year to create a safe and inclusive environment for all!

Many thanks to the 5th Primary School of Keratsini, the 61st Primary School of Thessaloniki, the 150th Primary School of Athens, the 132nd Primary School of Athens and the 4th Primary School of Nea Smyrni for hosting our Academies!