2022 – 2023 School Network

In the school year 2022-223, 25 Gymnasiums and Lyceums from the 1st and 3rd district of Athens and the 1st and 2nd Thessaloniki joined the Schools for All network. These 14 new schools and 11 existing members of the network which cooperate with each other by forming 4 hubs depending on the region they belong to.

The 4 hubs are organized as:

Hub A’ Athens: 8th Gymnasium of Athens, 42nd Gymnasium of Athens, 2ο Lyceum “Theodoros Aggelopoylos”, 8th Lyceum of Athens, 5th Gymnasium of Athens. 27th Lyeum of Athens. 42nd Lyceum of Athens, Evening Vocational Lyceum of Athens

Hub G’ Athens: 3rg Gymnasium of Aigaleo, 2nd Vocational School of Aigaleo, 1st Vocational of Aghioi Anargyroo, 2nd Vocational Lyceum of Ilion, 1st Gymnasium of Kamatero, 1st Gymnasium of Peristeri

Hub A’ Thessaloniki: 9th Gymnasium of Kalamaria, 30th Gymnasium of Thessaloniki, Vocational Lyceum of Vasilika, 1st Lyceum of Thermaikos, Lyceum of Intercultural Education of Eastern Thessaloniki

Hub B’ Thessaloniki: 1st Lyceum of Stavroupoli, 1st Gymnasium of Ambelokipoi, Intercultural Gymnasium of Evosmos, Intercultural Lyceum of Evosmos, 1st Vocational Lyceum of Ampelokipoi, 2nd Gymnasium of Stavroupoli

More information about each school is available in Greek here.