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Schools for Democracy Civic Responsibility Manual for Teachers

The new curriculum includes four key transversal topics: Civic Responsibility, Health and Safety, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy, Environment and Sustainable Development. Civic Responsibility is a transversal topic introducing democratic competences across various subjects. Manual for teachers with recommendations on how to develop democratic competences in 5-9 grades in Ukraine 80 exercises adapted from Council of […]

Democracy at School

Report on the conference ‘Democracy at School’ held on 5-7 October, 2014, in Warsaw, Poland, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Regional Summer Academy programme.

Democracy in the Making

DEMOCRACY IN THE MAKING: Good practices from five years of Regional Summer Academies “Democracy at School and Human Rights in Action” highlights some of the innovative practice which has emerged since the academies were established. It was published by EWC together with the Council of Europe.

Tool for Democratic School Development

This EWC publication gives an introduction on how the whole school approach can help schools develop democratic competences. It also lays out five principles for a democratic school and seven steps for democratic school development. It is is developed by the EWC programme Schools for Democracy in Ukraine. It also includes a Tool for school […]