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Launch of “What is Digital Citizenship Education”

“What is Digital Citizenship Education? ” is the first in a series of online courses developed in strategic partnership of EWC and the Council of Europe. Enroll in the course at… 1. Opening talks by Ana Perona-Fjeldstad (European Wergeland Centre) and Villano Qiriazi (Council of Europe) 2. Presentation of the course by its team […]

What is Digital Citizenship Education?

It explains the aims and purposes of digital citizenship education and how you can integrate these into everyday practice with your learners. Working together with fellow professionals on real-life examples, you learn how to plan digital citizenship learning experiences that will engage and empower students to become active citizens in a world dominated by digital […]

Digital Resistance

This handbook aims to support teachers and educators to promote media information and literacy, foster the correct behaviour for online communication and collaboration, and encourage the creation of reliable, truth- ful, respectful and original digital content. This publication is the outcome of the Digital Resistance project financed by the European Union- Council of Europe Joint […]

Digital Citizenship Education Handbook

It builds on the Council of Europe’s Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture and the achievements of the longstanding Education for Democratic Citizenship programme, and complements the Internet literacy handbook as part of a coherent approach to educating citizens for the society of the future.

Bookmarks – Combating hate speech online through human rights education

Bookmarks – Combating hate speech online through human rights education gathers activities designed for young people aged 13 to 18, however they are adaptable to other age ranges. The manual is based on the firm belief that online space is public space, and hence, all principles of a democratic society can and should apply online. […]