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Religious diversity and intercultural education: a reference book for schools

Authors: John Keast (Editor) This reference book is intended to help teachers, teacher administrators, policy makers and others deal with the important issue of religious diversity in Europe’s schools. The religious dimension of intercultural education is an issue that affects all schools, whether they are religiously diverse or not, because their pupils live and will […]

The Council of Europe Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture

The Council of Europe Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture comes in three volumes. Volume one of the Reference Framework contains the model of competences for democratic culture that was unanimously approved by European ministers of education at their standing conference in Brussels in April 2016. Volume two lists the descriptors of the competences […]


The Council of Europe, the International Consortium for Higher Education, Civic Responsibility and Democracy and other partners have been working to further the democratic mission of higher education for more than 15 years. In our view, higher education is not just well placed to further diversity, social inclusion and community. Higher education has a moral […]


Compass is also available online at where you can also find it translated into several other languages. There is also an online version available in Ukrainian.

Compasito – Manual on human rights education for children

Authors: Nancy Flowers Living among other people, in their families and communities, children become aware from a very early age of questions related to justice, and they search for the meaning of the world. By fostering an understanding of human rights, shaping opinion and developing attitudes, human rights education strongly supports this natural interest and […]


Authors: Robert Jackson Taking careful account of feedback from education officials, teachers and teacher trainers in Council of Europe member states, Signposts gives advice, for example, on clarifying the terms used in this form of education; developing competences for teaching and learning, and working with different didactical approaches; creating safe space for moderated student-to-student dialogue in the classroom; helping students […]

Living Democracy

International Project in Education developed six teaching books about EDC/HRE in cooperation with the Council of Europe. The principle of the teaching material is based on the idea that Education for Democracy should teach the students to assume an active role in school and their life environment. The material is available in several languages on […]

Bookmarks – Combating hate speech online through human rights education

Bookmarks – Combating hate speech online through human rights education gathers activities designed for young people aged 13 to 18, however they are adaptable to other age ranges. The manual is based on the firm belief that online space is public space, and hence, all principles of a democratic society can and should apply online. […]