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Digital Citizenship Education Handbook

It builds on the Council of Europe’s Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture and the achievements of the longstanding Education for Democratic Citizenship programme, and complements the Internet literacy handbook as part of a coherent approach to educating citizens for the society of the future.

Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education

This growing awareness is reflected in the adoption of the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education by the Organisation’s 47 member states in the framework of Recommendation CM/Rec(2010)7. The Charter is an important reference point for all those dealing with citizenship and human rights education. It provides a […]


Authors: Ted Huddleston and David Kerr. It builds on the training pack for teachers – Living with controversy: teaching controversial issues through education for democratic citizenship and human rights – to offer practical support to school leaders and senior managers on how to proactively manage and react to controversial issues in and beyond the school.

Democratic Governance of Schools

Authors: Elisabeth Bäckman and Bernard Trafford What is democratic governance and how can it benefit schools in preparing young people to become participating, democratic adult citizens? How can schools and other educational institutions evaluate how they contribute to their students’ education for democratic citizenship (EDC)? By looking at the ways in which their schools operate […]

Selected Recommendations of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe

Recommendation CM/Rec(2010)7 on the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education For more information and other translation of Recommendation CM/Rec(2010)7 Recommendation CM/Rec (2012)13 of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers to member States on ensuring quality education, adopted on 12 December by the Ministers’ Deputies. Recommendation CM/Rec(2009)4 on […]

White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue 'Living together as equals in dignity'

Authors: Council of Europe Ministers of Foreign Affairs The White Paper is built on the solid foundations of the Council of Europe acquis. It takes account of the rich material from consultations with many stakeholders – including partners from regions outside Europe – held in 2007. In that sense, it is in many ways a […]

Living together. Combining diversity and freedom in 21st century Europe – Report of the Group of Eminent Persons of the Council of Europe

In the summer of 2010, the Council of Europe’s Secretary General, Thorbjørn Jagland, asked an independent “Group of Eminent Persons” (the Group) to prepare a report on the challenges arising from the resurgence of intolerance and discrimination in Europe. The report assesses the seriousness of the risks, identifies their sources and makes a series of […]